Thalassotherapy Pools

Thalassotherapy pool exploit the properties of seawater, specifically the salt contained in it, to bring health benefits. In detail: it cures skin diseases, joint pains, promotes the elimination of excess fluids, and ensures many other benefits.


Thalassotherapy has its roots in the age of the Phoenicians, but also Romans and Greeks have experienced its beneficial properties. In fact, the term derives from the Greek Thalassa which means “sea” and it was Hippocrates who first described the benefits of seawater and thalassotherapy.

Since then, many other doctors and philosophers have deepened its virtues. Valid is the principle according to which the body, in contact with seawater, absorbs the mineral and oligomineral elements it needs, restoring balance to the organism.


The positive effects produced have made the practice passed down through the centuries, up to the present day. As in ancient times, today there are also centers where Thalassotherapy is practiced in the form of various applications and treatments, such as massages, baths, showers and mud baths, the most used and requested.

The benefits of salt, contained in seawater, are exceptional for reducing pain related to arthritis and for relieving symptoms of depression. They are also effective in giving relief to respiratory, circulatory and skin diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis. To summarize, here are the benefits of this therapy:

  • Rediscovered physical well-being thanks to the draining properties of seawater
  • Healthy, toned, brighter and more elastic skin
  • Improved circulation and muscle tone
  • Improved functionality of the respiratory tract thanks to the natural aerosol
  • Less tension and stress thanks to thalassotherapy treatments that regulate serotonin levels

Fundamental design to realize Thalassotherapy centers

Thalasso pool

In order to guarantee the benefits of Thalassotherapy, it is essential to create a facility that is suitable for receiving seawater and offering the best treatments to an increasingly demanding clientele.

A careful design is therefore at the base of each creation. Thanks to its consolidated experience in the sector, BSR provides the client with everything he needs to create a welcoming thalassotherapy center capable of ensuring maximum benefits for those who choose seawater treatments.

BSR is able to realize Thalassotherapy pools on measure, studied and designed according to your needs. Relying on BSR, to create an ad hoc center, means having the certainty of obtaining a facility suitable to accommodate the salt water treatment plants, which require particularly challenging techniques.

The system of extraction of water from the sea, filtration and disposal are processes that must be carried out with certain technologies and in compliance with specific regulations.

Thalassotherapy pool – REALISATIONS


Grado Spa is one of the most famous thalassotherapy centers in Italy. It is one of the most avant-garde centers in the peninsula, installed by BSR. The seawater extraction systems are among the most advanced and complete in terms of environmental protection and compliance with health standards. Numerous treatments are offered by the facility, such as ozonized baths in seawater heated to 36-37°C.


Located in San Teodoro, Sardinia, Grande Baia Resort & Spa is the ideal place for beach vacations and for those who love swimming and thalassotherapy. In fact, the resort has a main pool with solarium and bar, located in the center of the facility. In the wellness center there are a series of Thalassotherapy pools, which differ in having whirlpools and cervical waterfalls. The combinations created by BSR are very suggestive and the pools are really very welcoming.


The thalasso pool installed by BSR in the Terme Saline in Portorož, Slovenia, are strictly Steela. Immersed in a particularly suggestive context, in which nature and culture blend nicely, a perfect example of sustainable tourism. In this context BSR creates a work that blends admirably with nature. The materials were chosen with care and thanks to Steela technology, the pools were designed in a way that was totally adaptable to the context and in a very short time.


Located at 850 meters above sea level, the magnificent Wellness Hotel Kurhaus Cademario, with the recent renovation, has been enriched by the Thalassotherapy center made by BSR. The company has in fact designed and disegned the new wellness center and the indoor and outdoor pools. In addition to the in-out recreational pool, there is also an outdoor sports pool and a very modern SPA with Turkish bath, saunas and emotional paths.