Pools for Hotel

BSR Engineering has many years of experience in the modelling of Swimming Pools for Hotel, since 1972 we realize swimming pools for hotels from design to finished product.

  • Construction and design of a swimming pool for Hotel
  • Pools for all Hotels
  • Wellness Center for Hotels
  • Saunas for hotels
  • Whirlpools for Suites
  • The advantages of designing with Bsr

Construction and design of a swimming Pools for Hotel

Our swimming Pools for Hotel are distinguished by the automation technologies used. These guarantee a total autonomy of the systems with lower personnel and maintenance costs. All this translates into a better service for the end customer.

Automatic filter washes, turning pumps off and on as needed to keep the water clean are just a few of the automations we offer.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors for the individualisation of our design. The needs of the customer and the facility hydrogeological context are elements through which pools are made extremely personalized.

Pools for Hotel

Very often it happens to us to design hotel pools in the least likely places. The technologies used, such as the self-supporting facility Steela Pools exclusive patent of the Cemi group, allow us to guarantee maximum durability and structural agility. This makes it possible to create pools even in places where structural loads must necessarily be calculated and project in the appropriate manner.

Instead, when necessary, materials such as reinforced concrete or EPS are used to guarantee the solidity of the facility.

Hotel wellness centre

Wellness Center for Hotels

The next step after the swimming pools for hotel is the wellness center, where the pool is one of the elements and many other services are proposed such as saunas, steamsiutes, Kneipp treatments. A hotel that aims to stand out today has as a minimum requirement to propose facilities and services for its customers.

Sauna for Hotels

Saunas for Hotels

The latest trends lead the managers of hotels and resorts to request special realizations inside the suites. BSR Engineering realizes tailor-made products, and also proposes specific products for hotels, such as our sauna cabins “Saunasuite” and “Steamsuite”.

They are not simple sauna and steam bath cabins but real wellness rooms, with emotional showers, color therapy, and much more.

Our sauna is not standard commercial products, but is designed for the world of hotellerie. The materials, technologies and assemblies used are designed to ensure durability and convey to the final customer the perception of luxury.

Whirlpool bath

Whirlpool baths for Suites

BSR Engineering has a specific line of hot tubs specifically designed for luxury hotel suites.

Unlike commercial products, our whirlpool baths are designed both for intensive use and to guarantee maximum hygiene and cleanliness over time. This is guaranteed by the use of highly resistant materials and technologies designed for the specific use.

Our tanks include automatic filling and emptying, system sanitization using disinfectant ozone. Ozone replaces the less pleasant and effective chlorine, while centralized controls and safety systems prevent accidents during use.

Every single pool can be monitored from the desk located in the reception area, which also highlights any anomalies or alarms.

The advantages of building with BSR Engineering – Pools for Hotel

For the customer

If your facility is looking for offer to the end customer an exclusive and luxurious environment from Bsr Engineering you will find the answer to your needs.

For the operator

Maintenance costs and durability of the facility have a significant impact on both the costs and the level of services offered. Our facilities are designed to maintain the perceived quality over time by preserving the functionality even with intensive use of the facilities. Unlike many competitors, we do not use commercial products but only technologies that we have studied and realized for this specific use. In some cases our prices are higher, but we are able to guarantee that over time the greater expense will be translated into savings.

Design, advises and after-sales service

BSR Engineering follows the customer from the design to the management of the spa, carrying out the project. Using technicians specialized in this type of work, BSR Engineering guarantees assistance to the customer even after installation.

BSR Engineering offers several after-sales services among which we want to highlight the figure of the Spa Manager. A professional profile specialized in the management of spas. It helps the manager of the facility in the management of human resources, also advises on marketing strategies to be adopted to attract customers.

The Spa Manager in BSR Engineering is a figure with many years of experience that guarantees performing results for the facility. A consultant goes to the facility, analyzes the situation, draws up an action project and finally trains the staff.

REALISATIONS – Pools for Hotel


The famous and luxurious 5-star Sheraton Hotel located in Annaba in Algeria is equipped with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool. Pool dedicated both to guests who want to exercise or relax after the activity in the gym, and to those who simply want to enjoy the sun by the pool and admire the beautiful view of the city.


The indoor swimming pool, installed inside the Relais Villa Monte Solare in Tavernelle di Panicale (PG), is a truly unique design in its style. Equipped with whirlpool area and waterfalls allows you to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape outside, thanks to its position you can admire the fantastic hills of Umbria.


The renovation of the prestigious Family Hotel “Le Torri del Garda” located in Torri del Benaco (VR) has created a beautiful wellness area consisting of a heated indoor swimming pool of about 100 square meters with a whirlpool area for adults and a children’s pool of 20 square meters with a waterslide and water games. The realization is complete, moreover, of wellness area consisting of sauna, steam bath and treatment area.


The panoramic swimming pool located on the top floor of the Hotel Astoria in Bibione represents a real element of charm for the structure. Thanks to its beautiful terrace allows you to enjoy the panoramic view and enjoy a cocktail by the pool for relaxing days and unique evenings.


On the top floor of the Hotel Amburgo in Bibione we find a beautiful heated swimming pool (temperature 24°C) with sea view. Positioned near a bar area together with the Jacuzzi, this pool is on top of this hotel.