Spa Centers

Spa centers are the places of well-being par excellence and are much appreciated because they ensure relaxation to body and mind. Since these centers exploit waters and vapors that flow from underground, their models is entrusted to specialists in the field, who are able to create easy-to-manage facilities, capable of ensuring at the same time maximum comfort to those who use them.

Moreover, it is necessary to take into account some important aspects concerning energy and economic expenditure.

Another important aspect to consider is that the systems must comply with certain regulations and have specific requirements for the water to reach the spa center.

BSR Engineering operates in the installation of Spa centers, combining the benefits of natural thermal waters with specific technologies and attractions for this type of realization.

Feasibility Study

First of all we assist our client in the decision-making process that leads to the design of the work. When required, we design a real business plan that is illustrated to the client.


The Architects and Engineers, present in our team, deal with the design and technical planning of the installations. The figures in question are trained and specialized for this type of realization. This guarantees the maximum quality and beauty of the works realized.

Spas require special technologies in order to achieve the safety and legal standards required for this type of facility.

Spa centers must be equipped with systems that control and regulate water temperature. They also have electronic testers to control acidity, bacterial loads and the various parameters required by law.


The installation team assists with the masonry work so that the systems find easy and safe installation.

All the phases listed here are supervised by our project manager. He coordinates the various professional figures in order to obtain the maximum result in quality, finish and efficiency of the installation as well as durability.

These facilities are designed to keep the precious waters flowing while maintaining minerals and gases beneficial to skin, joint and respiratory health.

The spa will be provided with an efficient, fully functioning system. The system is able to ensure the release of water in the various points where it has been arranged, in order to take advantage of the desired treatments. In this area are distinguished the thermal centers made by BSR, a leading company in the industry for 50 years.

Design and functionality of Spas

BSR Engineering carefully evaluates the various aspects involved in the design and installation of these facilities that welcome thousands of guests every year.

To begin with, special attention is paid to the design and functionality of these centers, which are indispensable requirements for attracting users and ensuring their enjoyment.

BSR also pays great attention to energy and cost savings. Both are necessary to ensure greater profitability to the manager of the facility.

The systems meet the requirements of the reference standards, in order to ensure safe spas and made in full compliance with the laws in force. A feature of BSR spa systems is that they are automated. This allows to set in a personalized way the schedules and to ensure a correct and constant functioning of the valves intended for the various operations.

The various types of valves make it possible to keep water filtration under control and always ensure maximum cleanliness without altering its properties. Thanks to automation, it is possible to better manage pumps or blowers, ignitions, water parameters, energy consumption and disinfectant substances.

Alarms are also easily managed through automation. Thanks to remote control technology, it is even possible to intervene remotely to ensure maximum customer service. In the design of the spa, various paths and accessories can be included to make the facility even more impressive and offer guests exciting experiences as well as relaxing and rejuvenating. Here are.

Plus – Spa centers

Waterfalls – They consist of choreographic fountains of strong impact, flowing from rocky sceneries or from steel blades of water. They ensure, in addition to a pleasant feeling of well-being and relaxation, an extraordinary spectacle. The vigorous cervical massage produced by the power of the water jet relieves pain and discomfort that often affect the neck and neck area.

Cervical water jets – The differentiated water jets are positioned at the edge of the pool or in islands created in the pool or inserted in special and suggestive sceneries. The differentiated jets range from the veil of water, to the nail or comb jet, and many other variants proposed by BSR to make the cervical falls even more enjoyable.

Effervescent tank – Consists of a full body massage that reaches from the feet to the entire body immersed in the pool. Vigorous air bubbles are released from a nozzle at the bottom of the pool, maintaining a round shape and massaging the body while immersed in the specially designed station. The stations can be placed vertically or on a seat.

WHIRLPOOL – Spa Centers

Dynamic Whirlpool – Manufactured with an innovative technology, which thanks to the vertical movement massages the back while the user is sitting in the pool, the dynamic whirlpool is even more pleasant and complete than the simple massage. The user can also choose to have the jet directed to the desired area.

Classic and rehabilitative whirlpool – These include stations with seats for lumbar and plantar whirlpools, vertical wall whirlpool stations. Very effective are the relaxing water jets that can be adjusted with air. They ensure particularly vigorous massages and can be positioned at heights suited to the model of the pool. Positioned in the right way, they become optimal jets for hip, knee or ankle rehabilitation therapies.

Hydromassage loungers – These are air or water hydromassage stations that are very comfortable, ergonomic and able to ensure the best. The effect generated by the water or air is very pleasant and the bubbles massage the tissues, relaxing the body and also the mind.

PATHWAY – Spa Centers

Vascular Pathway – This pathway can be created either integrated with the tank or separately and involves the installation of whirlpool nozzles on the side walls. The action of the water coming out of the nozzles tones the tissues and provides massage to the lower limbs. When constant temperature is chosen, in most cases the vascular path is integrated with the pool. The characteristic of the hot and cold action of the water also promotes dilation and installation of blood vessels.

Countercurrent Walk – This pathway is installed inside the pool and made in such a way as to allow for a safe walk. The path, allows you to make a walk in countercurrent, allowed by a nozzle with high flow rate that pushes the water in the opposite direction to that traveled by the user.



Grado Spa is one of the most famous thalassotherapy treatments in Italy. It is one of the most avant-garde centers of the peninsula. Realized by BSR Engineering, the natural and physical elements of the marine environment have been combined to perfection for the treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases. The seawater extraction systems are among the most advanced and among the most complete in terms of environmental protection and compliance with health regulations. Numerous treatments are offered by the facility, such as ozonized bath in seawater heated to 36-37 ° C for arthro-rheumatic diseases, nebulizations in the environment and much more. For all treatments is provided the use of heated seawater.


Recently renovated Terme di Lignano represents one of the most important marine thermal parks in the Northeast. The Terme di Lignano consist of 1,500 square meters of outdoor pools with water games in the area dedicated to children, whirlpools and swimming area for adults. And the salt water of the sea has beneficial properties on the skin and in general on the body.


Aquardens is an all-Italian answer to the most famous spas in Europe and is in fact one of the best tourist complexes dedicated to relaxation. The indoor pools are divided into four main basins with different formal characteristics: the Caracalla pool, the Grotta Interna pool, the Termalismo Puro pool and other interesting alternative routes. An open-air area dedicated to wellness with saunas and steam baths is complete with a swimming pool and, delimiting the horizon surrounded by greenery, the two Summer Lakes. In recent years the thermal park has been enlarged with the construction of an imposing “Russian Banya”, Siberian waterfalls and an outdoor pool bar.


Thermal park Mjusworld is located in Körmend, Hungary, and consists of beautiful pools with thermal water, waterslides and a prestigious spa area. Firstly the project has seen the demolition of some old outdoor pools in place of which have come to life an in-outdoor pool, cave pools and waterslides, children’s pool and outdoor pond. The pools with thermal water use hot water with a temperature of 45°C. The cave pool is equipped with numerous water games, whirlpools and air insufflation. Finally, to complete the thermal park, the realization of the prestigious Spa, consisting of 8 different cabins and 2 whirlpools.


Castrocaro SPA is an avant-garde multifunctional center where everything – natural resources, therapeutic paths, medical, aesthetic and thermal treatments – contributes to optimize the quality of health.

From the swimming pools with thermal water overlooking the garden to the hammam, from the aromatic bio-sauna to the steam bath or the saline bath with sound diffusion.

The wellness pathway is composed of different “stages”, real unique experiences of their kind that become even more effective if experienced in the right sequence.