Wellness Center

Firstly the realization of a wellness center requires experience, expertise and ability to meet the varied demands of customers who wants to create a wellness area within their facilities. Whether hotels, resorts or farmhouses, BSR Engineering takes care of studying, designing and implementing your wellness center.

  • Designing a wellness center
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Technology of wellness centers
  • Project of a wellness center
  • Wellness path
  • Realization of the wellness center
  • Staff of professionals
  • Industry 4.0 investment
  • Realisations

That’s why today, having a wellness center in these facilities has become almost a necessity, as more and more guests prefer to stay in locations equipped with increasingly sophisticated relaxation areas.

Demand is constantly increasing at the global level and BSR Engineering is able to answer adequately to all requests. In addition, it supports the customer in a path that allows him to focus on his business and to realize the wellness center that best suits his needs.

Designing a wellness center

The design of a wellness center starts first of all from what are the real needs of the customer.

Based on the type of clients of the structure, the number of rooms available, the target of the final customer is this a family, seniors, couples, etc.. the study will start by analyzing the starting situation and the target to be achieved.

Also the environmental conditions, such as the presence of salt water, the presence of thermal waters or in general the location, determine specific projects and business plans.

Thanks to the experience of over 50 years ,the company BSR Engineering will meet your needs and advise you on the best solution for your facility.

Sustainability analysis

One of the activities that characterizes the company is the analysis of the sustainability of the project with the analytical development of installation costs, management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in order to achieve a truly profitable business for the structure.

Remember that the wellness center is a qualifying investment of the facility. This in fact favors the choice of its by the end user, a Federalberghi study certifies that 8 out of 10 customers prefer a hotel with spa.

Offering customers the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant experience in the facility where they are staying is a discriminating factor in the choice as well as an element of weight in the final judgment.

Technology of wellness center

BRS Engineering is a company with technologies among the most advanced in the industry. The concepts of eco sustainability and energy saving are basic elements of our design.

In designing a wellness center is preferred the choice of eco-sustainable and recyclable materials. We also use technical accessories of the latest generation that maximize energy savings.

Wellness Center

The design department is very attentive to new requirements regarding the sanitization of the premises and the proper hygienic management of the facility, in the last period we have updated our projects by installing new sanitification systems that effectively kill bacteria and viruses in order to ensure maximum safety and usability of the facility.

Project of a wellness center

BSR Engineering realizes the project using internal professions such as architects and engineers with years of experience in the design of wellness centers.

After the initial phase of study, our technicians begin with the analysis of the necessary technical surveys such as analysis of the premises starting from the existing plans.

Established the particular needs of the customer begins to study the wellness path, this takes place on a circuit that includes.

Wellness pathway

  • Sauna, Steam bath
  • Steam bath
  • Biosauna
  • Emotional showers
  • Cold wells
  • Whirlpool baths
  • Salt rooms
  • Kneipp paths
  • Relaxation areas

Process of how to realize a wellness center.

In conclusion each realization is followed by a project manager who is responsible for coordinating all the professionals on the site. The professional checks that everything is carried out according to plan, coordinating the individual operators so that everything is done in the right time.

Staff of Professionals

The realization of the wellness center requires the intervention of different people with appropriate experience, BSR Engineering provides the customer with a team of installers who will carry out the all project.

So each realization is made to measure for the customer, we use our materials from our production department that over the years has created unique technologies in the industry for reliability, durability and eco sustainability.

Industry 4.0 investment

Technologies of our property allow us to control energy consumption, the automation of ignitions and shutdowns that meet the dictates of Industry 4.0

Thanks to the technologies developed BSR Engineering is a company in compliance with Industry 4.0 customers who want to take advantage of the deductions can do so only thanks to advanced technologies developed by us.

REALISATIONS – Wellness center

Creating a wellness center according to your expectations is easy if you rely on experienced professionals like BSR Engineering, and our achievements are proof of this.


Among our achievements we find the Porto Piccolo Spa area, located in the enchanting landscape of the Gulf of Trieste, this realization has seen us engaged in the design and design of the entire structure including relaxation areas with the choice of furniture and materials for the finish.

This center allows you to live an experience of relaxation and wellness in the sophisticated area inserted in the brand new Porto Piccolo.


A facility located in the hills of Verona that stands out for its exclusive design, for the quality of materials used that make Aquardens the largest spa in Italy.


Wonderful is also the Wellness Area of the Majestic Beach Hotel overlooking the sea in Bibione, consisting of an ozone treated indoor heated swimming pool, steam bath, sauna, Kneipp, emotional shower. This exclusive area dedicated to wellness, included in wellness packages, or on payment.


The wellness center disegned in the Grande Baia & Spa in Sardinia, precisely in San Teodoro, offers the best you could wish for a unique wellness experience. In this island of wellness, immersed in a unique natural environment, you can find all the elements to live a dream vacation.


One of the most luxurious facilities we have built, the Kurhaus wellness center is distinguished by the medical therapies it offers to its exclusive guests.


Bibione Palace is located in the center of Bibione overlooking the sea offers an exclusive wellness path and a sauna overlooking the sea unique in the area.