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Water Gym – Rehabilitative Pools

In recent years the Rehabilitative Pools are increasingly required by physiotherapists and doctors specializing in rehabilitation. Now they are clear to all the benefits derived from physiotherapy performed in water for post-operative or post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Pools by Water Gym

There are also many advantages that provide athletes with rehabilitation pools. The water gym promotes the recovery of physical fitness in a more rapid and effective. A real panacea for the health of the psyche and the body.

Neurological and traumatic diseases see in rehabilitation pools one of the best solutions in treating these problems. BSR Engineering is able to meet the needs of professionals, creating custom facilities based on the type of rehabilitation needed, whether this is the rehabilitation of the knee, upper limbs, the treatment of spinal pathologies through the installation of specific equipment.

Technology – Rehabilitative Pools

BSR Engineering rehabilitation pools are made with the Italian technology Steela by Cemi, made with the latest materials through the use of stainless steel and high-tech systems, designed specifically for the type of therapies that will be carried out in water.

Rehabilitative tank

The construction technique and the materials guarantee the maximum hygiene of the rehabilitation tanks. Remember that BSR Engineering is a company specialized in the installation of these facilities. The filtration systems, unlike many of our competitors, are designed specifically for this type of rehabilitation tanks. And the use of standard filtering and purification systems are avoided in favor of technologies that guarantee efficiency and reliability for this specific use.

So the water treatment that we have studied over the years, guarantees maximum sterilization and hygiene of the environment. The change of water compared to traditional facilities is reduced in favor of a greater treatment of water sterilization.

Physiotherapy pool or hydrokinesitherapy

Hydrokinesiotherapy, or water physiotherapy, is now preferred over traditional therapy due to the greater results that can be achieved. Understood as a specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, the practice requires the involvement of a competent professional.

Hydrokinesiotherapy is performed by following a personalized exercise program based on the specific needs of the patient and with due medical prescription.

Therapy after accidents and injuries

Hydrokinesiotherapy is one of the best solutions in case of trauma due to accidents at work, traffic accidents, post-operative care and various deformities.

The physiotherapy pools of BSR are the best solution for professionals in the field, thanks to the exclusive patents owned we can make customizable facilities for every need.

The first proposal that we make to our customer is the installation of a physiotherapy pool. Through the technology Steela by CEMI is designed, in a short time and with millimeter precision, a system that meets the highest and most modern standards of installation.

At the customer’s request, we also realize systems on traditional facilities in reinforced concrete.

The advantages of our technology are immediately evident, the use of stainless steel in fact ensures the highest perception of quality, maximum durability and reliability in use. The versatility in the installation allows you to create lighter rehabilitation pools that use all the space available.

Just to best meet the needs and therapies, Bsr Engineering works in close collaboration with the medical staff of the facility. In doing so, it makes a targeted choice and provides the pool with the necessary features in order to bring greater benefits to patients.

Rehabilitative Pools for sports use

Similarly to the medical pool, the rehabilitation pool for sports use aims to ensure maximum physical well-being for athletes who have suffered injuries during sports activities. These must face rehabilitation after interventions or follow a process of defatigue or intensive training.

Specific achievements also allow intensive training aimed at increasing the resistance of the athlete.

Training for endurance and rehabilitation

The recovery of physical fitness thanks to these pools is guaranteed and used in many sports, such as soccer, rugby, swimming and in all sports that require a greater physical resistance during competitive competitions.

Also in this case the design must be treated in every aspect and studied in collaboration with the person who deals with the athletic preparation in the facility.

This type of pool is equipped with hydromassage jets positioned on the walls of the pool. These have the purpose of increasing blood flow to muscle areas and promote cellular reconstruction as well as the elimination of lactic acid.

They also provide the Kneipp path, consisting of tanks containing cold water and hot water, ideal for obtaining a toning effect and a relaxing effect respectively.

Benefits on physical recovery

The benefits of hydrokinesiotherapy are many and the main ones can be distinguished in the following sections:

  • Rheumatological – knee osteoarthritis, hip osteoarthritis, rheumatic diseases, spondyloarthritis, fibromyalgia.
  • Orthopedic – herniated discs and spondylodiscitis, hip and knee arthroplasty, knee ligament and meniscus injuries, sprains, fractures, tendon and muscle injuries.
  • Neurological – traumatic brain injury, hemiparesis, cerebellar pathology, dystonias, motor coordination disorders in growing up and outcomes of infantile cerebral palsy (ICP), para-tetraplegia, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, poliomyelitis.

Because they are tailored to individual needs, water physiotherapy exercise programs aim to improve joint mobility and flexibility, improve coordination, balance, reduce pain, build muscular endurance and strength, promote muscle relaxation, and recover gait.

Recovery and Relaxation in the Rehabilitative Pools

The physiotherapy pool allows you to perform various activities. It is aimed at those who want to perform a quiet and relaxing activity and to feel more elastic in their movements. It is also suitable for those who suffer from back pain or have problems and pain in the spine.

You can do assisted exercises in water, guided by a therapist to learn the technique of floating and breathing in water.

You can practice Acquarelax, a manual water massage practiced by the therapist through a passive mobilization of tissues and joints.

Excellent against fatigue, it effectively combats muscular pathologies and back or neck pain. Even mothers-to-be can practice motor activities in water, and children can learn water breathing and floating from an early age.

Design and installation of tanks and pools

The current regulations do not provide a specific rule in the installation of rehabilitation pools. BSR Engineering has an experience of over 50 years in the design and installation of these facilities.

Professionals such as architects and engineers within the company collaborate with physiotherapists specialized in the use of these therapies, with the aim of designing a pool for rehabilitation that satisfies both the physiotherapist and the end user.

Design and environment are in fact studied by our team in order to obtain a comfortable and pleasant place while performing the exercises.

Our offer stands out from the competition because of the exclusive patented technology (Steela, the stainless steel supporting facility) and the exclusive filtering systems designed and calibrated for the specific use in rehabilitation pools.

Design of the Rehabilitative Pools

Our technicians deal with the installation of a turnkey project that includes in addition to the design also the installation of the work.

One of our peculiarities is also the after-sales service that we are able to offer to our customers. A checklist of periodic maintenance is immediately scheduled with the customer, this to ensure a constant and efficient operation of the facilities.

The consultants take care of every aspect of the swimming pool (choice of materials,  technology system, design and everything related to the facility to be creat) that already from the design must meet the needs of the customer.

BSR Engineering’s consultants follow the customer’s requests and guide him towards a specific and personalized solution that responds exactly to what he wants to achieve.

Individual solutions for water rehabilitation

Rehabilitative Pools

The goal is to give life to a project that draws inspiration from the ideas of the customer, combining it with the latest technology and high quality materials.

We design our pools using 3D modeling software and 3D and 2D rendering, to make concrete facilities even before making them. Even the rehabilitation pools are designed with this methodology that allows the customer to see them realized thanks to two-dimensional graphics.

Our care and attention to customer requirements, combined with our ability to find the right solution, combine design and innovative technology. This allows us to meet expectations in the best possible way and to realize rehabilitation pools that are particularly impressive and efficient.

REALISATIONS – Rehabilitative Pools


The pool in the Freedom Club of Dormelletto (NO) is a pool that lends itself to the development of numerous activities in water. Thanks to the benefits of movement in water allows motor rehabilitation but is also used for numerous exercises and courses through the use of various tools.


The pool built for the rehabilitation center Fisioter of Montesilvano (PE) is one of the pools installed with Steela technology dedicated to physiotherapy and rehabilitation in water.


The rehabilitation center Fisioclinics in Montesilvano (PE) is equipped with a rehabilitation pool that, thanks to the curative properties of hot water, allows its guests physical recovery both at muscular and articular level. The pool is equipped with accessories suitable for rehabilitation and facilities particularly aimed at hygienic control of water.


The Arcadia Residence located in Belgirate (VB) is one of the many facilities of the Orpea Group specialized in functional and motor rehabilitation and in the treatment of cognitive deficits. In particular, it is equipped with an indoor heated therapeutic pool dedicated to rehabilitation activities and specific treatments to be carried out in water. Thanks to this pool designed and installed by Bsr Engineering, patients have the opportunity to take advantage of the pain-relieving and massaging action of water for the targeted recovery of their pathologies.