Admire the water produced by the fountains is wonderful, especially if at the same time, games of lights enchant the eyes of the users. When you are in front of such works it is natural to be enchanted by the beauty of the fountains is obvious.

BSR has many years of experience in the modelling of public and private fountains, it deals with the design and turnkey project of the finished product.

Outdoor fountains


The technologies used in the systems are of our exclusive design and guarantee maximum automation, energy saving and are designed to last over time. Turning to BSR means having the best in terms of technology and quality.


Our internal design department, composed of architects specialized in the modelling of public and private fountains, creates unique design systems that can be customized in relation to the needs of the customer, taking into account the setting where the fountain will be built.

Indoor and Outdoor fountains

BSR Engineering designs both fountains for squares and external environments, such as fountains adjacent to the entrance of hotels or camping, and fountains for interiors with water and light effects to embellish the interiors of the premises.

The fountains are magnificent facilities, through the fountains you can create fantastic sceneries even in the landscape context of a camping. The effects produced by these beautiful fountains are ensured by systems and equipment essential to ensure their operation.

Behind these magnificent works is an immense amount of design work that only companies like BSR, which specializes in the design of swimming pools, spas and fountains, can create.

The experience and expertise in the field of our company, which has as many as 50 years in business, are the guarantee that the customer requires. In the case of fountains, these are really special works, suggestive and able to produce incredible emotions.

BSR Engineering’s fountains – Artworks


The model of BSR fountains involves a careful design based on the wishes of the customer and the end result he wants to achieve.

The systems and equipment that must be installed to manage the fountain are more complex if the result to be obtained is very articulated. Precisely for this reason, modern fountains are considered a concentrate of technology. In addition to static nozzles, it is possible to create special programming to create a dancing and dynamic fountain.

All this is possible thanks to home automation, a fundamental technology that allows you to easily manage the functions of a fountain even remotely.

The fountain represents an important opportunity to requalify abandoned or unused areas. The possibility to design the desired fountain on measure, according to the available space, is another aspect that makes the works of BSR Engineering unique and exclusive.

Not only that, in the custom design the company also takes into account the characteristics of style to design a work that integrates perfectly into the context.

The ability to model the movement of water to offer the viewer indescribable emotions is a fundamental factor of the consumer experience.

Aesthetics and functionality of fountains

Fountains are elements of strong aesthetic impact and are suitable to be placed anywhere because of the possibility given by BSR to adapt them to any context in terms of design and size. Design of custom facilities, with advanced systems, and integration with home automation systems, allows to place fountains with an extraordinary effect in any space.

The presence of pressure sensors, photocells and timers allow to obtain personalized and involving water games. Any space, from the garden to the avenue, but also in wellness centers, hotels, shopping centers, can be transformed into an enchanting scenary.

For the visual and sensory effects they give to those who admire these beautiful models, fountains are becoming more and more elements that interior designers and architects introduce in their designs.

In addition to being an aesthetic choice, fountains are also elements that can make a valuable contribution to the humidification of dry environments. Moreover, thanks to the removal of atmospheric dust particles, they are also ideal for ensuring better air quality. For these reasons they are more frequently chosen and installed in indoor spaces as well.

BSR’s fountain design

BSR Engineering bases all its design on sustainability. Not only that, even in the installation of the fountains takes into account this principle that is a common thread in his works. The company makes use of expert and competent consultants, who carry out a deep analysis of the project and the context where to install the fountain.

So any area can be transformed by inserting a fountain created specifically to give peace and well-being. Each design is distinguished by the maximum attention to detail and the superior quality of materials used, as well as cutting-edge technology.

From the analysis of the design are highlighted the critical points and are studied the best solutions to intervene in the right way both architecturally and technologically. The goal of BSR is to create fountains that ensure the user a simple and functional use and a long duration in time.

The models of the company are true works of art. There are no limits to imagination, that’s why the customer will be satisfied according to his needs and desires. The fountains are a source of joy and enthusiasm and give moments of empathy with the world of nature and also deep peace of mind.

Fountain cinema exhibition


Venice Film Festival

On the Lido of Venice, in front of the splendid palace that hosts the Venice Film Festival, there is a splendid flush fountain that enriches and embellishes the structure, which has undergone redevelopment and renovation in recent years. The fountain can be defined as “retractable” as it is integrated into the flooring, so that when it is not working, the floor can be used without any problem. The choreographic flush fountain is composed of a series of modulating and interactive spouts which, together with the coloured lights, create an unparalleled play of light, effects and colours.

Camping Isolino

Inside one of the swimming pools of Camping Isolino in Fondotoce, Verbania, there is a large island, where the customer, wishing to reconfirm the trust already given to Cemi for the installation of the pools, has decided to design a new and beautiful dynamic flush fountain. This is how the splendid flush fountain with dynamic group effect was created: the fundamental characteristic of this type of fountain is the absence of a water basin on the surface, and thanks to the positioning of the flush components on the floor it was possible to create a valuable scenic effect while maintaining any pedestrian space. The fountain therefore lends itself to have a dual function of use, with the possibility of turning on the games in the scheduled periods while leaving unchanged the urban space when the system is turned off.

Net Center

At the entrance of the Net Center complex, an imposing skyscraper that rises in Padua and represents one of the most important poles of the city, there is a splendid flush fountain composed of numerous spouts rising from the floor.