Design and construction of large installations for swimming pools, water parks, fountains, spas and wellness centres

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One of the elements that sets BSR Engineering apart from its competitors is the quality of manufacture that makes the equipment durable over the years.


BSR Engineering has 50 years of experience, making it one of the market leaders in its field.


From the design to the installation, BSR Engineering with team of experts, follows the customer step by step.


Technology system and automation of installations are one of BSR Engineering's strongest assets in making the customer experience unforgettable.


BSR Engineering pays particular attention to the design phase, the most important part of the workflow, by devising a project that takes every little detail into account.

Made in Italy

BSR Engineering has always stood out because it is an authentic expression of the ``Italian passion for style``, producing and processing over 90% of its products in Italy.


Casa Cipriani - Milano

After openings in the capitals of world tourism, the "Casa Cipriani" brand chose Milan to inaugurate two restaurants, a boutique hotel, a bar club and finally a wellness centre. Arrigo Cipriani commissioned BSR Engineering to design the new luxury wellness centre.


STEELA is a technology that uses the properties of steel to create fantastic installations in a short time and with millimetre precision, making the product superior in quality. STEELA is strong and resilient, and is synonymous with quality as it meets the highest modern construction standards.

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Network Cemi is a new reality that includes 4 different companies: Bsr Engineering, Cemi, Sg Contract and Blutekna. A big family that works in synergy pursuing a single common goal: to realise every wish of its customers. Looking to the future, treasuring past tradition.



Análisis y conceptualización de la demanda.
Bsr Engineering escucha las demandas y necesidades del cliente, traduciéndolas en una solución que satisfaga sus deseos.

Diseñar siguiendo las directrices proporcionadas por el cliente.
Una vez encontrada la mejor solución para el cliente, los departamentos técnico y comercial de Bsr Engineering trabajan conjuntamente para dar vida al proyecto. Cuando el proyecto está listo, el departamento comercial perfila el trabajo necesario para su realización. Cuando el cliente está plenamente satisfecho y convencido con el proyecto, se firma el contrato.

Realización de una instalación que responda a las necesidades del cliente.
Cuando el cliente está plenamente satisfecho y convencido con el proyecto, se firma el contrato. El departamento técnico prepara el diseño de la instalación necesaria para el funcionamiento de la obra.

Bsr Engineering se compromete a entregar el proyecto terminado a tiempo con el cliente. Todos los trabajos y productos están garantizados en tiempo y calidad.

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Since 1972 BSR Engineering has been designing and building Swimming Pools, Thermal Parks, Wellness Centres and Fountains, meeting the needs of customers with the same passion and dedication that has distinguished its work from competitors.

Looking to the future while building on past tradition. This is BSR Engineering, which has always combined experience with a constant search for modernity. History and contemporaneity, resources and talents, passion and quality are the essence of the great BSR Engineering family.