Private pools – Top Class

Having a Top Class – luxury private pool in your own home is no longer an unattainable dream. Thanks to the Top Class line of BSR it is possible to meet the most diverse needs of individuals who wish to have a luxurious pool in their home, made with valuable features.

At the base of this line is the possibility to customize any aspect of the pool, such as sizes, shapes and finishes. In short, the pool is conceived and designed according to the customer’s requests and reflecting his likes and desires.

Private pools

BSR consultants create and follow the project in all its phases: from design to implementation.

The plant and technical limits are respected, but the final result is guaranteed unique and exclusive, precisely because the pool is made to measure.

Private pools Design

Right from the design stage fine materials are identified to create original finishes, the customer has the possibility to choose between natural stone, mosaic, ceramic and much more.

Even when it comes to shapes, there are no limits. The shape of the pool depends first of all on the customer’s needs and then on the available space and the surrounding environment.

BSR Engineering allows you to create extraordinary pools, true works of design in which to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Both for indoor and outdoor locations, the pools can be made underground and fixed, or above ground, depending on preference.

Thanks to this particular unit, BSR offers a sterilization system suitable for even the most particular private pools such as TopClass.

The Topclass pools of BSR are stable and safe and are installed on a structure that ensures seismicity and ease of installation.

Infinity edge private pools
Indoor private pools
Outdoor private pools

Accessories to add to Topclass

With TopClass  anyone can have a luxury swimming pool installed in their home and enjoy it whenever they want.

Ideal for entertaining guests or to satisfy the pure desire of owning a luxury pool, these facility can be enriched with various accessories.

BSR pools can be equipped with various hydromassage systems such as cervical waterfalls, excellent for relaxing the neck and relieving aches and pains. You can also install geysers from the bottom of the pool, hydromassage beds and much more, choosing from the many solutions offered.

There are many types of showers and for those who are looking for something very sophisticated, they can opt for the solar shower or the teak shower.

Trampolines are also part of the accessories to choose to complete the pools of the line TopClass. They are an excellent accessory to combine fun and sport and are present in different versions, so as to allow an even easier adaptation to the model created. The innovative designs of trampolines, in fact, allow to identify the right one to match the pool.

Resistance and speed of installation

BSR Engineering is a company that since its foundation, dating back to 1972, has represented an avant-garde entrepreneurial reality. It has always been attentive to technological developments and transformations in the production context.

The company’s mission, in fact, consists in focusing on advanced technology and on the uniqueness of the systems created. Each creation is therefore exclusive and created reflecting the demands and needs of customers. In order to keep up with the times, the company has never stopped searching for new solutions to make its creations even more special, such as Steela technology.


Created from the strong intuitions of Alessandro Bacco, founder of BSR, in collaboration with architects and engineers of the team, Steela is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to customize the pool in shape and in the coating, thus creating absolutely innovative facilities, unmistakable for quality and design.

Steela guarantees high standards of durability and resistance, fast installation times and reduced maintenance. The proposals blend steel, PVC, ceramic, mosaic and modern technology with water in the best possible way, to ensure a perfect balance and absolute harmony.

Sensitive and evolved, Steela senses the future and uniquely defines new spaces and ways of design, resulting in sophisticated and original models. Considering the innovations made by Steela and the specialized advice of BSR staff, it is possible to say that the Top Class pools, for private homes, are unique designs that represent the best solution for a demanding customer who pays attention to details.

The Top Class are made only with quality materials for original finishes (ceramic, mosaic, natural stone and many others). Designed with various shapes, completely customized, to fit perfectly with the environment, the house, the likes and desires of each. Safety and stability for a facility that provides precision, speed of installation, anti-seismicity and recyclability. Only the best accessories to not give up in any way luxury and well-being.