Agonistic Pools

Specializing in the construction of Agonistic Pools, BSR Engineering is able to design facility that have to do with water sports.

We design competitive pools for all types of competition, from swimming to water polo, from synchronized swimming to diving, activities officially recognized as competitive by FINA, the International Swimming Federation.

Fall into this category all pools related to these sports such as learning pools, swimming training.

  • How to design an Olympic swimming pool
  • Competitive pools designed in steel with Steela Pools technology
  • Swimming pool measures
  • Measures of Olympic swimming pool, pool length and project
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Over the years BSR Engineering has designed and installed many sports pools all over the world. For this reason it has acquired such experience to ensure, in addition to the construction of the pool, various services in the field.

In addition to designing competitive sports pools with care and in compliance with the reference standards, BSR Engineering also offers turnkey project financing service.

The company is also able to find manager, financing body and builder to installing the facility.

BSR Engineering also drafts comprehensive business plans and management consulting for large competition facilities. It also provides design of the entire property in addition to individual pools.

How to design an Olympic swimming pool – Agonistic Pools

In the design of an Olympic swimming pool, used for sports activities, such as swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and many other sports, it is necessary to take into account several factors and specific characteristics, which refer to various international regulations.

Competitive pools designed in steel with Steela Pools  technology

BSR Engineering also offers proprietary technologies such as the brand “Steela Pools” that are distinguished by ease of installation, versatility of use, quality and durability.

In order to ensure maximum compliance with the measures provided for by the regulations is used Steela technology that ensures maximum precision in the installation.

Our technology also allows us to realize temporary system that can be assembled and disassembled with extreme rapidity while guaranteeing the aforementioned precision and construction characteristics.

Some customizations are exclusive to our systems:

  • Movable walls that can divide the pool (transforming the 50 mt pool into two 25 mt ones).
  • Mobile bottom that allows the use in competitive conditions with a depth of three meters but also in the presence of children with depth adjusted to 50 cm.
  • Safety cushion through the use of air bubbles that cushions the dives not properly executed to prevent accidents in training.
  • Removable heads that serve as a base for the starting blocks
  • Starting blocks
  • Underwater Var systems for water polo
  • Sub- aquatic vision portholes
  • Immersed audio systems for synchronized swimming

These are just a few of the elements that can be considered during the design phase based on our client’s needs.

Waterpolo pool
Olympic swimming pool

Agonistic Pools measurements

One of the most complete sports is swimming, which provides an even workout for all the muscles of the body. This is why it is among the sports most recommended by doctors to keep fit, control weight and get a toned body shape. In the Olympic pool is practiced swimming for the Olympic Games but also numerous sporting events dedicated to swimming, of international importance. The measurements of this pool are:

  • Length – 50 meters
  • Width – 25 meters
  • Number of lanes – 10
  • Lane width – 2,5 meters

In addition, 5 meters before the end of the pool are placed flags that are a visual reference point for athletes. This is a device that allows swimmers to identify how many meters are left to the end of the pool. Finally, the Olympic pool must be designed according to the facility characteristics, plumbing, maintenance and water treatment required by FINA regulations.

Measures of Olympic swimming pool, pool length and project

As established by FINA, the length of the Olympic pool must be 50 meters and 25 meters wide. According to the regulations it must consist of 8 lanes, the 6 central ones must be 2.5 meters wide, while the outer ones 3 meters. The height can vary from 2 m to 1.50 m and 1.20 m

Respect in the design of the sports pool the structural characteristics indicated in national and international regulations is essential to host sporting events of any kind. The dimensions mentioned above, moreover, are those considered ideal to practice the training of the various pool sports, including swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming.

Quality & Design

Agonistic Pools

The sports pools made by BSR Engineering are characterized by quality and high technology.

The consolidated experience gained in the installation and design of swimming pools and systems around the world has allowed the company to ensure innovative solutions and the best materials on the market.

Thanks to Cemi’s proprietary technology, this method of modelling competitive pools is revolutionary and innovative. Specially designed to meet any request and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The Steela facility is made of stainless steel panels bolted together and guarantees absolute precision and greater stability.

Pools made with Steela technology are highly innovative and unmistakable for quality and design. 

Realisations – Agonistic Pools


The club “Klab Proxima B” is a fitness center in Prato that offers a huge variety of fitness and swimming courses. For aquatic activities BSR Engineering has realized two indoor swimming pools where it is possible to practice free swimming or follow the courses in water that the structure proposes. The pools are also dedicated to both competitive and non-competitive aquatic activities.


Located in the beautiful landscape of Baveno, the outdoor pools of the Aquadventure Park are a key attraction for the activities of the park. The semi-Olympic outdoor pool measures 25.00 x 12.50 m and is mainly dedicated to swimming. It is heated to a temperature of 31°C and has lane markers on the bottom. In the same facility we find a swimming pool arrival waterslides for the fun of the smallest.


Termaria Casa del Agua is located in La Coruña and is a huge sports and wellness center that bases almost all its activities on water. The Olympic swimming pool and the training pool designed in the sports club are just two of the many excellences of BSR Engineering in the sports field. Both are installed with Steela technology and equipped with the essential sports accessories, meeting the standards dictated by the regulations for competitive pools.